a media service to the least reached of North Africa


The Voyage of Amissgel Project

Set in the mountains of Morocco, this series follows a young man with many questions as he sets out in search of a better way to live. Along the path he meets all sorts of people, each one longing for kindness and security, who join him in his quest. This series speaks not only into the culture of North Africans but also speaks in a culturally powerful way. It raises many questions that are already in the subconscious of North Africans and gives answers using images that they can understand. The episodes go a long way to explaining the gospel to people from a Muslim background dealing such topics as sin, faith, grace, salvation and more. Originally written in the Tashelhayt language of Morocco (southern Moroccan Berber) and recorded in 1999, StoryChannel is currently translating this moving series into Chaoui.

Scripture in audio format and in the heart language brings the message of Jesus Christ’s love into a deeper personal realm for those who have never had the Bible in their mother tongue.

The Bible Jewels Audio Project

Many thousands of Chaouis will listen finding new strength through the power and beauty of Scripture as we seek to translate over 130 short Bible passages. Once translated, these Bible Jewels will be set to the beautiful imagery of North African landscapes.

Local Language Web Pages

StoryChannel has an exciting project underway providing local language websites. 

As there is little to no representation on the web for these least reached language groups, StoryChannel sees a unique opportunity to bring the gospel through web page development in the heart language to these people groups.

The fourth episode Tertullian in Moroccan Arabic has just been completed .

Seven Languages of the Heritage Project

This series is being translated into over 7 languages at present with opportunities for more in the future.