StoryChannel produces media content for the least reached groups of North Africa as well as often receives production content from North African partners, both local and abroad. These stories and much more are broadcast over Satellite into North Africa as well as on various social media sites.

Pastor Daniel, a Touareg from Niger and his wife Salimata from Mali share their life story in this StoryChannel Original.

This video testimony follows the amazing journey of two extraordinary people sharing their joys and challenges as they become followers of Jesus Christ in their Muslim community. Overcoming issues of abandonment and rejection as well as physical disabilities and cultural hardships, they openly share their new found faith ultimately becoming recognized as leaders in the church, community and beyond.

Pastor Daniel was the first Touraeg to broadcast 26 discipleship episodes in the Tamashek language on Satellite television over North Africa in 2013-14. StoryChannel is presently broadcasting these series and will air this new StoryChannel Original testimony on February 2023.

This program is part of StoryChannel’s Then and Now Series.

Aicha, originally from Mauritania, talks about being loved and loving others.

Of Mauritanian origin, now living in Timbuktu, Mali, Aicha tells her story of being loved and of loving those who have oppressed her. Born into a Muslim family, she tells her story of love, even in the midst of losing her husband.

This program is part of StoryChannel’s Then and Now Series.

Worship with Moroccans in the Tarafit language.

StoryChannel broadcasts worship music in the Moroccan language Tarafit. Probably the first time ever to be on a satellite channel across North Africa.

Moroccan Amazighs tell how they heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The man featured below became a follower of Jesus Christ through an audio broadcast in his Moroccan tribal language of Tachelhit.

These videos are in the Tachelhit language spoken in Morocco. There is little to no media representation in this language.

Algerian Amazighs tell there stories

Naima sees Jesus.

This program is part of StoryChannel’s Then and Now Series.

Nadia watches Christian TV.

This program is part of StoryChannel’s Then and Now Series.

Mohammed from Mali

Watch this StoryChannel new video here.

An Imam told Mohammed that despite practicing alms, prayers, pilgrimages and good works, no one can be sure they will go to heaven. Then something happened that changed everything.

Ghaith from Tunisia

This LifeStory is produced in the English language with longer versions in Tunisian Arabic versions to be broadcast on It was published in Witness Magazine. Read here.

This program is part of StoryChannel’s Then and Now Series.

Sarah from Niger

This program is part of StoryChannel’s Then and Now Series.

The Heritage Project

Set in the first five centuries, this historical docu-drama series of 8 episodes follows the lives of North African Christian heroes of the faith. Now being translated into languages with little or no media representation or Christian programming.

The Heritage Project – A StoryChannel Original Series

Set in AD 180, twelve followers of Christ, known today as The Scillitan Martyrs, faced strong persecution and certain death under societal pressures to worship emperors and gods of that time period. Unified, empowered, and anointed, they remained faithful to what they knew to be true. Their story was told throughout the Empire and has encouraged countless believers throughout history to follow Jesus Christ, regardless of the cost.

Born a Libyan around AD 189-198, Victor became the bishop of Rome during a time of great uncertainty and political upheaval in the Empire. His story continues a line of Christians from Libya starting with Simon of Cyrene, who carried the cross of Christ. This line continues to the persecuted Libyan church of today. The story of Victor teaches us about successes and failures in leadership, specifically in the area of maintaining Christian unity in the early church.

Akly from Niger

StoryChannel Original Production Watch LifeStory here

Disillusioned with Islam, the only religion he had ever known, Akly abandons his Muslim beliefs and embraces an atheistic lifestyle. After venturing into a Christian church, he witnesses other Tuaregs praying and worshipping in their heart language of Tamazight. Akly begins to read the Bible in his own native language, and finds a God of love and acceptance, a Creator God who not only would affirm his Tuareg ethnic background but would give him a new family and community. Akly becomes a follower of Jesus Christ even though some members of his prior Muslim community would reject him and even despise him.

This LifeStory is produced in the Tamasheq language and published in Witness Magazine read here

This program is part of StoryChannel’s Then and Now Series.

A Moroccan story broadcast in least reached languages of North Africa

Set in the mountains of Morocco, this series follows a young man with many questions as he sets out in search of a better way to live. Along the path he meets all sorts of people, each one longing for kindness and security, who join him in his quest. This series speaks not only into the culture of North Africans but also speaks in a culturally powerful way. It raises many questions that are already in the subconscious of North Africans and gives answers using images that they can understand. The episodes go a long way to explaining the gospel to people from a Muslim background dealing such topics as sin, faith, grace, salvation and more. Originally written in the Tashelhayt language of Morocco (southern Moroccan Berber) and recorded in 1999, StoryChannel is currently translating this moving series into Chaoui.

Omar, a Touareg from Niger tells his story.

StoryChannel Original Production
Omar’s LifeStory is produced in the Tamasheq language

One day Omar, who grew up in a traditional Muslim home, saw something that would transform his life completely. He had a vision of the Messiah speaking to him saying, ‘Get up and seek the Messiah.” A perplexed Omar queried. “Where can I find Him?” From that moment on, the search for the Messiah began and Omar’s life would forever be changed. Read Omar’s LifeStory here

This program is part of StoryChannel’s Then and Now Series.

The Bible Jewels Project now being edited and broadcast on StoryChannel

The Bible Jewels Audio Project: Many thousands of Chaouis will listen finding new strength through the power and beauty of Scripture as StoryChannel seeks to translate over 130 short Bible passages. Once translated, these Bible Jewels will be set to the beautiful imagery of North African landscapes.

Walet from Niger now being broadcast in the Tamasheq language

StoryChannel Original Production
Walet’s LifeStory is produced in the Tamasheq language

“The way is difficult and Satan, without doubt, exists. No one can resist him, other than Jesus.” Growing up in Niger, Walet was Muslim by name only. In practice, she led a wild life of sin, all the while feeling weary from the empty rituals of Islam. Not able to resist temptations on her own, she begged God to intervene. And God responded. Through a friend, He introduced her to a new way, a new life, full of unprecedented assurance and incomparable joy. Her passion now is sharing true freedom with all. “You who, up to now, have not trusted in Him, realize that you’re living in emptiness, in a mist without substance!” Read Walet’s LifeStory here

This program is part of StoryChannel’s Then and Now Series.

A website dedicated to the Chaoui people of Algeria

StoryChannel with the help of Ministry Partners operates a website dedicated the unreached languages groups.  Many thousands have visited this sight in the short time it has been operating. Once StoryChannel is broadcasting via Satellite, this website be listed on programs offering information and videos for follow up contacts.

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