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One day Omar, who grew up in a traditional Muslim home, saw something that would transform his life completely. He had a vision of the Messiah speaking to him saying, ‘Get up and seek the Messiah.” A perplexed Omar queried. “Where can I find Him?” From that moment on, the search for the Messiah began and Omar’s life would forever be changed. Read Omar’s LifeStory here

StoryChannel Original Production
Omar’s LifeStory is produced in the Tamasheq language

“The way is difficult and Satan, without doubt, exists. No one can resist him, other than Jesus.” Growing up in Niger, Walet was Muslim by name only. In practice, she led a wild life of sin, all the while feeling weary from the empty rituals of Islam. Not able to resist temptations on her own, she begged God to intervene. And God responded. Through a friend, He introduced her to a new way, a new life, full of unprecedented assurance and incomparable joy. Her passion now is sharing true freedom with all. “You who, up to now, have not trusted in Him, realize that you’re living in emptiness, in a mist without substance!” Read Walet’s LifeStory here

StoryChannel Original Production
Walet’s LifeStory is produced in the Tamasheq language

Disillusioned with Islam, the only religion he had ever known, Akly abandons his Muslim beliefs and embraces an atheistic lifestyle. After venturing into a Christian church, he witnesses other Tuaregs praying and worshipping in their heart language of Tamazight. Akly begins to read the Bible in his own native language, and finds a God of love and acceptance, a Creator God who not only would affirm his Tuareg ethnic background but would give him a new family and community. Akly becomes a follower of Jesus Christ even though some members of his prior Muslim community would reject him and even despise him.

StoryChannel Original Production Watch LifeStory here
This LifeStory is produced in the Tamasheq language and published in Witness Magazine read here