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What is StoryChannel?

StoryChannel is an international ministry consisting of a group of people, either self-supported or sent from various mission agencies, who desire to work together to use media to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ across North Africa. The ministry was launched in 2016 by a group of eight individuals from different mission agencies and has grown to over 20 contributing members from various backgrounds with decades of experience in multi-media as well as follow-up, discipleship and church planting ministries.

StoryChannel has a strong mandate to leverage the power of media through satellite television, broadcasting mainly in North African Amazigh/Berber heart languages so that many would hear the message of God’s love in their own language, perhaps for the first time; and be given an opportunity to come to a saving and growing faith in Jesus Christ.

Why is StoryChannel unique?

Although there are several satellite television channels devoted to the Arabic language broadcasting in North Africa, there is very little Christian media programming dedicated to the least reached people groups StoryChannel is targeting. The primary languages broadcasted are the main Berber dialects of North Africa: Tashelhit, Central Atlas Tamazight, Tarifit, Tachawit, Kabyle, and Tuareg languages.

Why broadcast over Satellite? Wouldn’t it be less costly to simply stream over internet?

Many North African partners are using YouTube and WhatsApp to communicate whatever they are able to produce; however social media networks are not a reliable or a safe communication method whereas broadcast via satellite is readily accessible across all the region with little to no government control.

What types of programs is StoryChannel broadcasting?

StoryChannel broadcasts Biblical content such as Scripture, Biblical teaching and discipleship programs; childrens programs, Christian talk shows, dramas, historical documentaries, concerts, and music, family and women’s programs, and much more.

StoryChannel was happy to hear one of our North African partners say upon sending programming for broadcast:

Here are three more testimonies, one involving a healing, one a dream, and one a deliverance. I put a lot of thought in these little clips, so I’m really delighted to know that they’ll be broadcasted even wider than what we’ve done so far! 🙂 Thanks for your collaboration, blessings

Watch videos from our North African partners here

Does StoryChannel produce Original Content?

Yes, and we produce our own content as well as partner with our North African friends to produce a lot more in country!

Click here for StoryChannel original productions, videos and articles

How much programming do you have?

As of May 2022, StoryChannel has over 1000 hours of programming with approximately 800 hours uniquely in our targeted least reached language groups with more production in the region happening in the Berber/Amazigh languages.

Who is partnering with you?

StoryChannel is partnering with Media Ministries worldwide including Wycliffe, The Jesus Film Project, Inspirational Films, Agape, Multiply, LUMO Project, Proclaim! International, WEC, North African ministry workers and many more.

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Is StoryChannel involved with church planting?

A vibrant church planting emphasis is one of StoryChannel’s highly valued mandates through encouraging, working with, and resourcing workers and local bodies of believers.

“Ministries with an emphasis on broadcasting through Satellite TV are not necessarily Church Planting per se. What they are doing is providing extraordinary resources for workers on the ground. People come to Christ through media broadcast. They grow closer to Christ through Christian programming. Media broadcast can be one of the most important entry points into a local body of believers.” – long-time Christian worker in Morocco

How does StoryChannel follow up with it’s audience?

To supplement the 24 hour Satellite TV channel, the development and maintenance of specific social media sites including websites, YouTube and vimeo channels are in place. In addition, each program broadcast will have information such as emails, phone numbers, social network and websites from our ministry partners.

StoryChannel TV – YouTube

StoryChannel TV – Vimeo

StoryChannel with the help of Ministry Partners operates a website dedicated to the unreached Berber language groups of North Africa.  Many thousands have visited this site in the short time it has been operating. This website will be listed on broadcast programs offering information and videos for follow up contacts.

StoryChannel – InjilChaoui website

Is there a mirror internet stream site?

Yes, StoryChannel has a mirror internet streaming site as well as a video on demand site. Learn about StoryChannel’s broadcast strategy here.

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StoryChannel TV Live Internet Streaming

How are you raising funds for this project?

StoryChannel is in contact with individuals, churches, funding resource groups, ministry associations, and other funding resources in order to ensure an ongoing ministry to North Africa.

How can I help?

We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity where millions, for the first time in history, will be able to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the message of God’s love, in their own native language.  

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