The Heritage Project

Set in the first five centuries, this historical docu-drama series of 8 episodes follows the lives of North African Christian heroes of the faith.  Under the domination of the Roman Empire, many were persecuted for their profession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Others helped the early Christian believers towards maturity in faith through their profound writings, confronting the societal norms of the day.

Over 130 testimonies in many North African dialects are in the process of being edited for broadcast.


Filmed on location, follow the lives of these North African followers of Jesus, their struggles, their hopes, and their underlying faith in the One who ultimately gives life new purpose and meaning.

Mali Refuge Music Videos

Set on location in Mali, these music videos in the Touareg language bring hope not only nationally but globally.  Listen to the music of the persecuted body of Christ, singing songs of hope and encouragement as well as praying for those who have brought them much personal persecution, pain and destruction.