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StoryChannel is a nonprofit ministry sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the least reached groups of North Africa through media.

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bringing hope to millions who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

LifeStories Project

In 2020-2021, StoryChannel is seeking to film testimonies in each country across North Africa in the least reached languages.

Be a partner in building media content in these least reached language groups for broadcast.  

As little as $2,000 ensures one testimony ready for broadcast in the native language with translation into at least two other languages.  Stand with us as we produce media content in these least reached language groups.  Be a voice for those who desire to tell their story of God’s unfailing love in their heart language.

Amssigel Translation Project

Become a partner with StoryChannel in bringing the first series of systematic Bible teaching in all five key unreached Berber languages to broadcast.

Amsiggel is a 17 episode series originally written in the Tachelhit language of Morocco. The series impacts its viewers in much the same way that John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” has impacted its readers in the English speaking world for hundreds of years.

A personal friend who learned the Tashelhayt language while growing up with his grandmother in France tells me that this series not only transported him back to the villages of his family in Morocco but captivated and encouraged him in his faith.

$20,000 will complete this project in its entirety having all five least reached languages translated, dubbed and ready for broadcast. 

The Heritage Project Series

Become a partner in translating this StoryChannel Originals series into the five least reached languages groups.

This historical docudrama spans the first five centuries highlighting influential figures such as Tertullian, Victor the Bishop from Libya, The Scillitan Martyrs, Augustine, Quodvultdeus, Antony, Cyprian, and Perpetua and their influence over the early followers of Christ across North Africa in a time of persecution under Roman Empire domination.

$50,000 will translate this entire series into all five least reached languages groups.  Give $10,000 to translate all eight episodes into one least language group.


Partner with us in putting a new Christian Satellite Channel in operation across North Africa and beyond.  As little as $150 US a month would open up opportunities for millions to watch Christian programming for the first time in their heart language.   

With your generosity, programs of hope and encouragement will be broadcast specifically for those who have never heard of God’s unfailing love in their native language.

Phase I Video on Demand                  click here StoryChannel TV Video On Demand

StoryChannel TV Video On Demand is now being populated with broadcast content.  If you would like to partner with us, click here

Phase II Live Streaming Channel   $25,000.00 needed

Become a partner in this phase as a cataloging system, television playout software and streaming services for running a Satellite TV will be put in place.

$6,000 Licensing and software fees 

$12,000 Infrastructure 

$7,000.00 Live streaming fees
Phase III A New Christian Satellite Channel

Become a partner bringing Christian media into the homes of  millions across North Africa.

1 time annual gift of $180,000 = 1 year of Satellite Channel air time


100 individuals @ $150.00 per month 
50 partners @ $300.00 per month
25 @ 600.00 per month
10 @ $1500 per month
5 partners @ $3000 per month
1 gift @ $15,000 US per month

Your prayers, your support and your encouragement
enable us to reach countless people across North Africa and beyond
with the story of God’s love.

If you would like to partner with us on any of the above projects or need more information about StoryChannel, please click here or email:

Thank you for partnering with us in sharing the love of Jesus Christ
with those who have never heard the Gospel in their own native language.