Media Services

North Africa has a strong need for increased production, translation and broadcast of Christian audio/visual media in the tribal languages of the local people.

Innovative technologies are readily available. Whether through studio produced programming, live broadcast or social media sites, producing, translating, and broadcast of audio/visual media into North Africa has become easier and far more affordable than in past.


As technology has significantly advanced, production of programming can have fast turn around times with very little post production time constraints.

With StoryChannel’s new Portable Production Unit, the possibility to broadcast live on location or in the studio is in the foreseeable future.

With a strong focus on production, translation, and broadcast of contextually relevant and culturally sensitive Christian programming, StoryChannel produces original media as well as resources media partners in the genres of docudramas, biographies, music, teaching, lifestyle and art. These are some of the series that we have produced or partnered with.


StoryChannel is motivated by a deep desire to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to least reached people groups across North Africa. Never before for these tribes has there been such open widespread access to information across all types of media platforms. We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity where millions, for the first time in history, will be able to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language.

As there is so little evangelistic audio-visual media for these languages, a dedicated translation team of specialists in these languages is critically important. StoryChannel seeks to fill this need and is in the process of building a strong translation house for translating programming from partners as well as StoryChannel Original Productions into the least reached languages groups of North Africa.

With a strong motivation to increase audio-visual media in least reached languages across North Africa, StoryChannel will primarily focus on five language groups within the context of nine countries: Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco,  Mauritania, Western Sahara, Niger, and Mali.

As many other languages are understood across North Africa, StoryChannel plans to broadcast a smaller amount of Tunisian Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Algerian Arabic, other Amazigh (Berber) languages , French, and English.  StoryChannel is and plans to translate existing programming in other North African languages into these five least reached language categories; however, the ultimate goal is to produce locally and broadcast directly in the five least reached heart languages: Tarifit (Riffan), Tamazight (Central or Middle Atlas), Tashelhit (Shilha), Tuddungiya (Zenaga), and  Tuareg.

To become a strong translation house, StoryChannel is in the process of developing a growing team of translation specialists for each of the five most unreached language groups across North Africa. A strong support audio-visual team will work alongside to ensure translation projects are accomplished in an efficient, secure and safe environment for those who could be at risk. Here are some highlights from our translation work and partnerships.


Video On Demand and Live Streaming, though a growing industry in the North Africa region and relatively affordable to set up and maintain, are not readily accessible by the general population and can be easily blocked or limited by government authorities.

Satellite broadcast on the other hand, though more expensive to set up and operate, cannot be regulated or controlled by governmental entities and is free for the general population, therefore making Christian programming freely viewable by all.

Our goal is to blanket North Africa with a Christian Satellite channel in the heart languages of the people there. As launching a new Satellite Channel is a multi-faceted project, StoryChannel has adopted a 3 phased approach: Phase I – Video on Demand, Phase II – Live Streaming, Phase III – Satellite Broadcast.