a media service to the least reached of North Africa


Phase I: StoryChannel TV Video on Demand

The first phase is the development of StoryChannel TV Video on Demand. 

Using social platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube as well as a dedicated StoryChannel TV website, amassing content from partnerships as well as uploading original StoryChannel content can give a strong indication of what is needed in areas of language and genre content development.

Phase II: StoryChannel TV Live Streaming

The second phase is the development of StoryChannel TV Live Streaming Channel. 

In this phase a cataloging system, television playout software and streaming services for running a Satellite TV will be put in place.

Phase III: StoryChannel Satellite Channel

The third phase is the development of StoryChannel Satellite TV Channel. 

This is the stage where all is ready for broadcast in the area content and programming, technical and software requirements, and fund development to run and sustain a 24 hour Sat TV over time. Though the social media networks are continuing to expand globally, Satellite broadcast remains the most effective avenue of communication across North Africa.