Who We Are


StoryChannel was birthed with a strong mandate to leverage the power of audio-visual resources, both social media and satellite television, in order to see the least reached people groups of the world, especially in North Africa, hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, come to saving faith, and grow in that faith. With culturally-sensitive Biblically-based programming […]


Satellite Channel over North Africa

StoryChannel prioritizes the heart languages of the Amazigh/Berber people across North Africa and beyond. Broadcast Footprint StoryChannel has a broadcast footprint which covers the key Amazigh population areas of Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Tunisia, Niger, Mali and the diaspora in Spain and France. Mirroring the StoryChannel Satellite Channel Live Streaming on Internet including Video on […]



StoryChannel undertakes one of the most challenging tasks in the broadcast field, dedicating an entire 24hr channel to languages with little to no media representation. “Ministries with an emphasis on broadcasting through Satellite TV are not necessarily Church Planting per se. What they are doing is providing extraordinary resources for workers on the ground. People […]